Hurricane Help – Tax Relief


The best way to help victims of Hurricane Katrina:

IRS Disaster Relief related to Hurricane Katrina,,id=108362,00.html


  1. LA, MS, AL and FL parishes and counties affected
  2. Toll free disaster relief number
  3. Presidential Disaster declaration and an overview of related tax relief
  4. Publication 547, Casualties, Disasters and Thefts “How to figure and claim a disaster loss.”
  5. Publication 2194, Disaster Losses Kit for Individuals
  6. Publication 2194B, Disaster Losses Kit for Businesses
  7. Publication 3863, Disaster Relief Providing Assistance through Charitable Organizations

IRS Hurricane Katrina: Information on Charitable Giving, Tax-Relief Issues,,id=147085,00.html

Latest News including…

  1. Leave Donation Programs
  2. Extension of time to pay taxes for Katrina victims
  3. Expedited Charity Application program
  4. And more…

On September 23, 2004, the IRS issued IR 2004-118 Granting tax relief for Hurricane Ivan Victims in areas of Alabama , Florida, Mississippi, and Louisiana. The following is a list of documents and Web references which taxpayers can access for further detailed information. Other initiatives are being undertaken that may potentially help the environmental disaster caused by Ivan, particularly as it relates to our forests.






    • Pub. 3833, Disaster Relief: Providing Assistance through Charitable Organizations— explains how the public can use charitable organizations to help victims of disasters, and how new organizations to aid disaster victims may obtain tax-exempt status: