The Forest Landowners Tax Council (TheFLTC) is an independent, national non-profit organization dedicated to providing an effective and unified voice for non-industrial, private forest (NIPF) landowners on federal tax issues. The Council seeks to provide technical research to identify opportunities for timber tax improvements. TheFLTC is also a source of education for those who wish to learn more about timber taxation. Membership is open nationwide to all individuals, associations, or organizations interested in supporting the mission of the TheFLTC.

Are you a private forest landowner?  Who is looking out for your interests in Washington, D.C.?  TheFLTC was organized to be a public policy advocate for non-industrial private forest landowners, a group currently under represented in today’s tax policy debates.

TheFLTC Issues, in Order of Priority:

Are you concerned about these same issues?  Would you like to see research initiated that helps non-industrial, private forest landowners?  Is it important to learn about how best to handle the business aspects of forest investments?  Learn more about what YOU can do to be a part of addressing these needs.
For more information on how you can promote education, research, and tax reform for forest landowners, you may request additional information by filling out the online Request for Additional Information or you may write: